Kitchen & Restaurant Hours

Monday - Saturday 11AM - 10PM

Sunday 11AM - 9PM

Open Bowling Hours

Monday 11AM - 5PM

Tuesday 11AM - 3PM

Wednesday 11AM - 11PM

Thursday 11AM - 5PM

Friday & Saturday 11AM - 11PM

Sunday 11AM - 9PM


43521 Fort Thunder Road  Perham, MN

Supper Club Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday | 3PM - 11PM



Year Round

Looking to better your game? How about perfect your speed, angles, or dial in the distances? Our FullSwing Golf simulator is truly trusted by the best, and uses state of the art technology to deliver you the most accurate analysis of every stroke. 

Sand Wedge

  • 1 Domestic Pitcher

  • 1 Pizza

  • 2 Hours of Golf

$90  + Tax


  • 2 Domestic Pitchers

  • 2 Pizzas

  • 4 Hours of Golf

$190  + Tax

Golf Simulator League

League Dates: December 2 - April 12
Price:  $15.00 /player /week
($2.50 per player each week goes to prize pool)

Weekly prizes for that weeks top team
Top 3 teams will be paid out at the end of league season
Teams will consist of 2 players per team. Each team will play a 14 week
season against one opposing team each week. League matches 9 holes at
one of the 84 courses each week. Teams will be able to choose what day
and time works best for them to schedule their tee time each week, each
team will have from Monday-Saturday to get their match completed. Feel
free to contact us at 218-346-2554 with any additional questions.

Register for Golf League