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Monday - Saturday 11AM - 10PM

Sunday 11AM - 9PM

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Monday 11AM - 5PM

Tuesday 11AM - 3PM

Wednesday 11AM - 11PM

Thursday 11AM - 5PM

Friday & Saturday 11AM - 11PM

Sunday 11AM - 9PM


43521 Fort Thunder Road  Perham, MN

Supper Club Hours:

Wednesday - Saturday | 3PM - 11PM


Golf Lounge

With seating for up to 45 guests, a golf simulator, retro arcade games, 4 TVS, private sound system, and ability to cast anything you'd like on the projector. This is the perfect space for  mid size events with a lot of entertainment. This space is open to the public, but can be reserved. Inquire below to begin reserving this space for your next event. 

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