Indoor Golf Simulator

Play Your Dream Courses

$15 per 30 Minutes - Unlimited Players

Golf inside any time of year and take your game to a new level on our Full Swing indoor golf simulator. Play dozens of the world's best courses like St. Andrews and Pebble Beach in vivid detail. Our Full Swing directional swing plate matches the slope and lie of the course and has fairway, rough, and sand surface hitting mats to enhance the experience. The Full Swing simulator is the #1 simulator for professional golfers around the world and it's the thing to do in Perham!


Golf Rates & Packages

Standard Rate

$15 per 30 Minutes

Unlimited Players

Choose from 150+ courses


The Sandwedge

2 Hours of Golf

1 Domestic Pitcher

1 Pizza


Caddie Package

4 Hours of Golf

2 Domestic Pitchers

2 Pizzas


How Long Does it Take?

It varies of course, but one player can finish 18 holes in about 30-45 minutes, putting included. First timers usually take a little longer.  Some players skip putting which saves a lot of time.  If you're not sure how long to play, we recommend starting with a one-hour reservation which is enough time to get used to the simulator and play a round or two.

What Should You Bring?

We have used clubs, golf balls, and tees available but you are welcome to bring your own; most players do.  We have right and left handed clubs (D, 3W, 5W, 3I-SW, Putter) along with a huge assortment of golf balls.  Most players prefer tennis shoes but you are welcome to wear golf shoes with non-metal spikes.


Did you know you can rent this whole space?