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Roll With Us!

Good games, good leagues, good times... let's bowl!

Bowling Hours

Wednesday - Friday:  3pm-Close

Saturday:  11am-Close 

Closed:  Sunday - Tuesday

Reserve a Lane

(218) 346-2554


Winter Bowling Leagues - 6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 

Bowling at The Cactus

Take a break from routine and gather with family at the place where competition and fun collide. Enjoy a game of bowling in our grand rendition of the classic American pastime. Our comfortable seating and friendly service will help you take aim and change your frame of mind.


How to Bowl for FREE

We offer free bowling every Wednesday from 3-11pm with your meal purchase.  It's that easy!

Winter Bowling Leagues

Monday Mens

Monday Nights starting at 7pm

4 Man Teams

3 Games

Tuesday Mixed

Tuesday Nights starting at 7pm

4 Person teams

3 Games

Thursday Ladies

Thursday Nights starting at 7pm

3 Lady Teams

3 Games

Bowling Specials

Birthday Bowling

1 Lane - 1 Hour

2 Pizzas - 2 Pitchers of soda 

Suggested for up to 6


Free Wednesdays

FREE bowling with meal purchase

3pm - 11pm every Wednesday

Subject to availability

First come, first serve

Super Special

Rent our entire bowling alley + golf sim!

Private entrance

Private service staff

3 hours, $999

League Info

Request Bowling League info here.

Message sent.  Thank you!


Did you know you can rent this whole space?


Family Entertainment Center

We have a variety of entertainment options with something for everyone to enjoy.  Go bowling, challenge your friends on our racing arcade games, or enjoy some old-school Golden Tee and other retro favs. To be fair, we are not a full arcade, just the best parts of one!

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